Leading Through COVID-19

It all starts with taking care of employees’ health & hygiene. Covid-19 has certainly created an acute need of taking care of employees & their hygiene safety, specially women. We are Woloo, a social enterprise committed to provide working women with their hygiene safety as per Global Hygiene Standard.

Woloo is an app that helps working women find a nearest safe & hygienic washroom when ever they commute to office or for a business meeting. Each washroom follows a standard protocol to ensure safety, cleanliness, and hygiene therefore ensuring that women do not have to think twice before walking into a Woloo enabled loo. These washrooms are certified in association with the Toilet Board Coalition (A global non-profit enterprise working under World Bank to improve sanitation standard across 40+ countries) and the Woloo Assurance of Hygiene (WAH) based on safety, hygiene, and accessibility parameters.

Woloo Hygiene Safety Services

Hygiene Certification

Royalty-Free Hygiene certification as per Global Hygiene Standard Guidelines for office washrooms


A network of 1000 Hygiene certified Woloo-Host Washrooms In Mumbai listed on Woloo app

Woloo Safe Seats

Woloo-Safe Seat automatic motion sensing Toilet Seat cover changer.


Woloo App 1 month free-membership for all your employees

Woloo Rewards-Points

Woloo-Reward Points for all the employees

Complimentery Domex

Complimentary Domex Hygiene product Hamper

As a part of Woloo hygiene safety initiative for working women, please allow us to help you take care of your team’s health & hygiene safety.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Lets empower women with hygiene dignity