The launch of the new venture on the occasion of World Toilet Day.

Thane – In women’s toilet, Imagine with toilet facilities if you got tea-coffee, water bottle, sanitary pads, melodious music, under one shelter, yes in western culture it is called women’s powder room. On the occasion of WORLD TOILET DAY, inauguration of India’s first such women’s powder room is held on Tuesday, 19th November 2019 near Thane railway station (west).

WOLOO (Women’s Loo) started by the women’s for the women’s is a new concept introduced in India. Earlier in the presence of some eminent persons of the society a meeting was held on Sunday, 17th November 2019. In this meeting the concept of WOLOO was cleared and a detailed information about WOLOO was given to the attendees also the toilets and other consumables in this women’s powder room were inspected and in context to this they had a discussion with the attendees.

WOLOO is a new project of Loom & Weaver retail Pvt Ltd. Manish Kelshikar is the founder & Shivakala Mudaliyar is the co-founder of this initiative. Around 80 lakh people in Mumbai travel daily by train. In that 41% are the women commuters. For such women’s good quality toilets are not available as a result they suffer mentally as well as physically. Especially the condition of women’s working in the office is very critical.

Considering all this, we are bringing the western concept of women’s powder room WOLOO first time in India, said Manish Kelshikar and Shivakala Mudaliyar. To spread this information to as many women as possible, Manish Kelshikar and Shivakala Mudaliyar have appealed to the women to share their photos taken in the women’s powder room by using the hashtag WOLOO on social media.

We are looking forward to franchises.

The following items will be available for women in WOLOO:

  • Good quality toilets
  • Sanitary pads
  • Tea-coffee
  • Sewing kit
  • Beauty products
  • Sanitizers
  • Melodious music
  • Chocolates


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