The Pee Nightmare [Woloo – Hygiene Tips]

The Pee Nightmare

Imagine walking into a ladies toilet with an absolutely urgent need to pee, but before you can sit on the toilet seat and heave a sigh of relief, what do you spot? A dirty, stained, and wet toilet seat! Yuck, right. A feeling that we get fairly often when we walk into a public woman’s washroom.

So, what is the instantaneous response? To wipe the toilet seat? To grab the toilet paper and line the seat? Either way, the toilet paper is probably the only savior. Interestingly, if the toilet paper is located too close to the toilet seat, it could be carrier of bacteria too. Now, imagine a hand that has not been cleaned reaching out for the toilet paper or for that matter, it could even be some small droplets of water from the flush that could be the culprit here.

Did you know that most women at some point in their life or the other contract an infection due to the usage of a dirty toilet? Some of the bacteria found on toilet seats can actually survive for months at a stretch if not cleaned properly. The sad part is, no one knows how well the public toilet, that you are using, was cleaned and when was it cleaned. What were the products that were used? Was it just a face lift or did it involve some deep cleaning?

If balancing in the air while you attempt peeing isn’t your cup of tea, here are a few tips that could keep you safe the next time you have to use a public toilet:

  1. Carry a cleaning spray.
  2. Carry anti-bacterial wet wipes and wipe the seat clean.
  3. Pour a little water from the tap and then wipe clean with the toilet paper.

Or best of all, a better alternative would be to locate a clean, safe, and hygienic toilet using the Woloo App! With the Woloo Assurance of Hygiene (WAH) you need none of these supplies and need not stress yourself, either!

So next time you need to use the washroom while you are travelling…..

Go Bindass! ….. #WolooHaiNa

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