Become a Woloo Host

If you are a Premium Restaurant, QSR, Café, or any other retail business outlet with a safe & hygienic washroom, here is an opportunity for you to attract more customers & also earn extra money. All you need to do is upgrade your existing washroom as per WAH (Woloo Assurance of Hygiene) standards & be a part of our loo discovery network on Woloo App.

Benefits of becoming a Woloo-Host

Drive Additional Customers

Drive Additional Customers to
your outlet by being a part of Woloo network.

Grow your Business

Grow your business through repeated flow of customers.

Enhance your Brand Image

Enhance your Brand image as a socially responsible brand.

Use & Earn Points

Earn Redeemable points every time a Woloo customer scans QR code in the washroom.

What is WAH Certification ?

All Woloo washrooms are certified in association with the Toilet Board Coalition (A global non-profit enterprise working under World Bank to improve sanitation standard across 40+ countries) and the Woloo Assurance of Hygiene (WAH) based on safety, hygiene, and accessibility parameters. Woloo Assurance of Hygiene (WAH) is the symbol of commitment to every Woloo customer to provide Safe, Hygienic & Accessible washrooms.

How do you get WAH Certified?

WAH being a ‘Global Hygiene Standard Guide’ for Woloo-Hosts, in order to be certified under WAH, the hosts need to comply with the following criteria & provide a uniform and very high standard of Hygiene to customers consistently

Compliance Criteria to become a Host

Location Accessibility

Woloo-Host retail facility location must be easily located. The access to washroom must be easy & convenient.

Safety & Security

The location of Woloo-Host facility must be safe and secure for women customers.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

Hygiene & Cleanliness of the washroom must be the top priority of Woloo Host.

Quality of Fitting & Facilities

The quality & Condition of the fitting at Loo Host washrooms must be top class & well maintained.

Hospitality & Courtesy

Woloo-Host must ensure courteous & comfortable hospitality standards towards customers..

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Become a Woloo Host

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Become a Woloo Host