Ready For Take Off – Welcome Aboard Mr. Rajan Navani

Ask a women if she is comfortable using a public toilet and you are sure to get a vehement, “No.” Despite the fact that our population includes approximately 48.1% women, there are no clean, safe, and hygienic toilets available for them in public places. With a vision to provide hygiene dignity, Woloo brings a tech enabled loo discovery platform through which women will have access to hygienic Woloo Powder-rooms. And this vision is being brought to fruition with the support of JetSynthesys.

Mr. Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman and MD, JetSynthesys, said, “We aim to use our technological expertise and assist Woloo in creating a social solution that will empower women across the country. We believe that access to hygienic sanitation facilities is a basic need for everyone. With Woloo, we hope to ensure that sanitation facilities that are safe and hygienic are easily accessible for all women.”

Mr. Manish Kelshikar, Founder and CEO, Woloo, elaborated on the benefit of this collaboration and said, “Our partnership with JetSynthesys has helped up to create a robust tech infrastructure for the Woloo App and to ensure that the platform is technically sound. This app will be a one-point contact and will offer women freedom from the fear of poor hygiene and lack of clean shared sanitation facilities.”

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